What are the Black Ticket Activities?

1 Activity Participation = 1 Ticket in the drawing for $1,000 on the night of the Gala - March 21st, 2020! The more you participate, the better chances you have to win!

Activities were sent out every month for employees to have fun with! Some activities were trivia quizzes - don't worry - they aren't graded, participation is the only requirement to qualify!

  1. RSVP! If you haven't already - westsidecareers.com/gala
  2. Participate in the activities below if you haven’t already. One ticket per activity will be received the night of the Gala.
  3. Show up to the Gala for your chance to win $1,000!

20's Slang Trivia!

Travel back in time and test your knowledge of the 1920's slang. Do you know what a gumshoe is?

Are you under influence of your phone?

Are you under influence of your phone while driving? Find out!

History of Thanksgiving & Veterans Day

Which President made Thanksgiving a national holiday?

Holiday + New Years Quiz

What is one of the world's most recognized songs that is used on New Year's Celebrations?

Send in your 20's Photo!

Upload a photo of yourself when you were 20 years old! We will use the photo for an activity on the night of the Gala!


The first batch of 20's photos have been sent in! Guess who these 30 people are - don't worry we have a current photo for you to compare.