If you haven't heard, we have been testing a new in-cab device and system called Blue Tree for the last 4 months with over 60 trucks and drivers in the fleet.  After testing and receiving an overwhelmingly positive review of the system and device we have decided to move forward with moving the entire fleet to the system.

We understand this is going to be a huge transition for everyone as we have all got used to Qualcomm and how it functions. With the ease of use the Blue Tree system represents, along with new technology and the ultimate goal of helping drivers in their daily work, we have decided to make this move.

Installing Blue Tree

The installation of Blue Tree into trucks will be happening periodically as we identify what trucks are where and getting them installed. We will be installing as the shop can handle the additional volume of installs. Be patient and let your DM know if you would like to get Blue Tree ASAP.

Training Breakdown Options

We have a couple of options for everyone to receive training while also the ability to refer back to the videos for continued training and reference.

  1. Training via West Side Driver App.
  2. Tablets at Terminals: Cedar Rapids, Glenwood, Columbus.


Follow the directions below to access the video on the West Side driver app. Watch the full training video. Once you have reviewed the videos, you will need to sign a document stating that you have received training.


  1. Refer to the West Side Transport Driver App to complete the training. Select “Driver Resources,” then select “Blue Tree & Other Help Videos” to watch the training videos. Or you can click here to view the training video: https://westsidetransport.com/driver-help-videos/
  2. Watch the entire video. “Blue Tree & Garmin Training Video – Circle of Service & Hours of Service & Safety"
  3. Click the button below the video that reads, “Sign Here." Fill out the form and submit. If needed, you can still sign the paper document at all terminals
  4. Training complete – Use the Blue Tree & Other Help Videos section on the app to refer back to as needed.

2: Review Videos via Tablet

We will have 5 tablets for training in Cedar Rapids, IA, Glenwood, IL, and Columbus, OH. Get with your driver manager on reviewing these videos for the training.


Step by Step

  1. Tablets at designated terminals to review videos and complete signature.
    1. Cedar Rapids, IA – in safety
    2. Glenwood, IL – operations building
    3. Columbus, OH – orientation room
  2. Tell your Driver Manager to route you to one of these areas to check out a tablet.
  3. On the tablet is a favorited link to the training videos.
  4. Watch training videos.
  5. Sign the online document and submit (Click "Sign Here" below the training video.)
    1. Terminals can also provide a paper copy of the signature page if needed.
    2. Scan document to safety@westsidetransport.com for tracking.

Thank you,

David Figler
Director of Safety and Training

West Side Transport, Inc.

4201 16th Avenue SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404