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Driver Pay Commitment

Pay Commitment – $800 to $1,200 week MINIMUM Pay Commitment

Pay Commitment is designed that no matter what happens out on the road that is out of your control, you the truck driver will go home with a good paycheck. Depending on experience when hired will determine the level of Pay Commitment you will be eligible to receive weekly. The Pay Commitment is available to all truck drivers who choose our  Regional or Over the Road (home every other weekend) positons. The weekly minimum Pay Commitment ranges from $800 to $1,200/week. If you make less than your assigned amount West Side Transport will make up the difference.

West Side Transport implemented the Pay Commitment so drivers can now concentrate on the open road, driving safe and make sure they deliver the freight on time. We of course, want every driver to make more than the Pay Commitment, but if something unforeseen happens you can rest knowing you will still be bringing home a minimum no less than your experience amount.



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